Engineering Consulting Group coordinates seminars on a irregular basis according to demand.  The following is a list of seminars we have held in the past and are prepared to present in the future.

SOFTDESKÔ Seminars and Workshops
ECGs vision to promote the utilization of advanced technologies in the fields of surveying, civil and structural engineering is perpetuated in our continuing series of workshops and seminars. Currently we are offering the following one and two hour seminars that focus on specific, new and interesting technologies to enhance productivity and quality.

Automated Multisheet Generation
Typical alignment corridor design such as a pipeline or a roadway will involve the segmentation of the design into plan or plan/profile sheets. In this workshop we will explore how to develop a multisheet rendering of the design. The approach will maintain the integrity of the design file while allowing each sheet to be individually developed. We will quickly layout plan/profile sheets, look at customization to develop office or project standards, and examine the automated features associated with multi-sheet generation.

Roadway Template Design
Learn how to develop roadway alignment corridors rapidly, incorporating complex design parameters, such as, shoulder rollover, ASSHTO speed tables, subgrade surface definitions, material specifications, point codes and volume calculations. We will also look at alignment discontinuities, such as, bridges and tunnels.

Survey Data Reduction and Drafting while Data Collecting
Data collectors have evolved to the level of providing enough intelligence on the information collected we can eliminate some of the routine drafting operations required in back in the office. We will learn how to simply augment our data will the minimal information to automatically draw features such as curbs, gutters, EOPs and building while the data is being downloaded.

Easily Developing your own Details Library
Developing an intelligent well organized details library has never been so easy. We will look at developing details from existing drawing or creating new details. Either method will create an achieved copy stored in a detail library. Several libraries can be developed for each different area of your work. Detailed can easily be retrieved using an icon based interface that is generated on detail creation and an associated description. New details are developed rapidly from a component library that is structure to the CSI specification. Typical components available include timber and steel members, connection (including Simpson Ties), CMUs. Additionally, it is possible to extract a basic bill of materials that will site the appropriate division and chapter of the CSI specification. Once you have an appreciation for the features in this package no other method of detail creation will readily be acceptable.

Photographic Overlays for your Plans
Hardware and software technology has evolved to the level we can utilized computers to develop orthophoto renderings of our designs, where previously we were bound to the drafting table. We will review the status of this technology to develop such renderings.

Symbol Management - Capturing the Past
In the productivity tools module is a very powerful feature that can capture an entire directory of symbols and details and catalog them into a library, defining a retrieval interface that use automatically generated slides. The ease flexibility of this interface to develop a library of symbols/details and to modify and manipulate them will astound.