Computer Training & Consulting



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Computer Consulting
ECG can provide Consultants for onsite training, project production, software implementation, customization and strategic planning.  All consultants are certified by major software manufactures including Autodesk and Infrasoft for advanced skill level.

Computer Training
ECG conducts training courses on a regular basis through the South West.  Instructors are experienced experienced industry professionals and certified by the software manufacturers.  Instruction can be based on a predefined curriculum or customized for a select group of attendees.  Courses are continually being introduced and updated.

ECG occasionally partners with key industry allies to present seminars.  Seminars are scheduled on a irregular basis according to demand.  Occasionally, seminars are organized for potential clients.

Tips & Tricks
ECG maintains a compilation of tips and tricks for the sole benefit of its clients and visitors for this web site.

Maintenance and Support
A variety of options for Maintenance and Support of computer based engineering systems are offered by Engineering Consulting Group its affiliates and partners.  One of these options is certain to match your requirements.