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Engineering Consulting Group provides AEC Consultants who are specialists in elevating your company's requirements and level of understanding.  The human side of implementing technology is just as important as the development of technology itself.

Key Benefits of Hiring an AEC Consultant 

bulletClients hire AEC Consultants to gain advanced AEC software skills and learn from the advanced industry experience AEC Consultants have aquired.  
bullet Some clients find it more cost effective to bring an AEC Consultant in-house to teach a large group of AEC users.
bulletCAD Managers often seek AEC Consultants guidance as they plan for upgrades or the introduction of new technologies.  
bulletDesign and engineering departments hire AEC Consultants as an extra set of hands for skilled production work when under tight project deadlines.


AEC Consultants can provide custom services for:

On Site Training
An AEC Consultant can visit your site and provide intensive training for your staff of AEC users.
Project Production
Need help meeting a deadline?  Make arrangements for an AEC Consultant to work with you as an extra set of hands for production.
Bring AEC Consultant expertise onboard to make an upgrade or system expansion easier.
AEC Consultants can help you establish design standards or develop custom routines for the way your company works.
Strategic CADD Planning
It is important to think about the long term goals of the computer system.   AEC Consultant can lend his or her experience to your planning.

Rigorous Certification Assures Quality AEC Consultant Services
AEC Consultants deliver the implementation, learning, and planning services the client specifies.  AEC Consultants are qualified to offer in-depth technical and training services because of their product training, industry knowledge, application expertise, and communication, instructional, and presentation skills.

Every AEC Consultant is qualified  through a rigorous on going certification  process including passing technical proficiency exams.  The AEC Consultant  is reviewed in an AutoDesk Evaluation Panel to ensure that the  consultant has developed and maintained an advanced skill set.

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