bulletAUTODESKÔ Land Development -Civil - Survey Update Curriculum

This course provides a basic overview of the process of developing a site design. The student will set up a project, specify units and tolerances, download field data from a site survey, construct terrain models, develop contour plans and develop designs for roads and lots.

bulletRecommended Course Prerequisites

A solid grounding in Autodesk LDDT R1Ô or SoftdeskÔ 8.

bulletCourse Objectives

Provide strategies and information for:

Updating from AutodeskÔ LDDT R1 to R2.

Updating from Softdesk 8 to AutodeskÔ LDDT R2.

Implementing new technology introduced in AutodeskÔ LDDT R2.

bulletCourse Outline

Update overview
LDDT R1 to R2
S8 to R2
New Technology (LDDT, Civil, AutoCAD 2000 (LDDT related))
Migrating project from earlier releases
Multi-user alignments
Layer Manager for LDDT
Points (objects, description keys, import/export, point groups)
Survey features (Trimble link, TDS link)
Sheet Management
Grading Tools

bulletIntended Audience

Users of LDDT R1 or Softdesk S8 planning to upgrade to LDDT R2