bullet    AUTODESKÔ Land Development -Civil - Survey Level 1 Certificate Curriculum

This course provides a basic overview of the process of developing a site design. The student will set up a project, specify units and tolerances, download field data from a site survey, construct terrain models, develop contour plans and develop designs for roads and lots.

bullet Recommended Course Prerequisites

A solid grounding in AutoCADÔ fundamentals, providing a knowledge equivalent of three days of training and a subsequent forty to sixty hours of working experience.

A good understanding of basic engineering principles relating to surveying, civil engineering.

bullet Course Objectives

Empower a student to perform their part of the design process utilizing the productivity enhancing tools from AUTODESKÔ . This course will provide the necessary toolset to work in a team environment, networked or otherwise, with associated disciplines involved in the project workflow or lifecycle. Surveyors, engineers and designers will learn the relative importance of their contribution in the electronic workplace.

bullet Course Outline

Managing a computer based project
Land Development
Terrain modeling (TM creation, breaklines, analysis, interrogation, contouring)
Road Design (Defining Horizontal Alignments, offsets, stationing)
Lot Design (Defining parcel boundaries, sizing tools, labeling, analysis tools)
Road Design (Profile creation and design, section templates, finished surface generation,)
Sanitary Sewer Design
Sheet Management and Automation
Site Modeling (grading tools, earthwork quantities, slopes, cutfill analysis.)
Hydrology Tools
Defining survey data
Working with points (Description keys, point groups, labeling)
Boundary Surveys (labeling)
Parcel subdivision

bulletIntended Audience
Designers, civil engineers and surveyors