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Engineering Consulting Group provides additional support to augment and backup the comprehensive product support system Autodesk and its affiliates offer to AutodeskTM customers.  Products supported from this site include:
                        AutoCAD Land Development Desktop
                        AutoCAD Civil Design
                        AutoCAD Survey
                        AutoCAD Overlay
                        AutoCAD Map
These support options are listed below in the recommended order of approach.

Option 1.  Autodesk Technical Knowledge Base
Select the product followed by Support and Training.

Option 2.  Autodesk Discussion Groups
The Autodesk discussion groups provide forums where you can get answers to your technical questions, obtain support and product information, and interact with other Autodesk product users.  These peer-to-peer discussion groups, monitored by Autodesk support and marketing staff, help you get the most out of your Autodesk products.

Option 3.  Autodesk Product Support
Select a product and a country to display the available support options such as Autodesk Resellers, Autodesk Systems Centers, and Autodesk Safety Net, Autodesk Users Groups and Premier Support Programs.

Option 4.  Autodesk Phone Support 
Autodesk offers a Safety Net program of support where you Call As You Want and Pay As You Go.  This option is available to customers in the U.S. and Canada.  This support is direct from the market groups responsible for product development.

Option 5.  ECG Custom CARE 
Custom Care is pay-as-you-go on-site technical support from ECG.  This program provides direct per-incident support for all of the currently supported versions of AutoCAD, and selected products from the AEC, GIS, and Kinetix Market Groups.  A list of supported products and specific versions appear later in this document.  The Custom CARE program was created in response to customer demand for a flexible direct support option from ECG.  This program compliments the variety of support resources for Autodesk products, notably reseller provided support, Autodesk Premier Support Contracts and the Autodesk Technical Assistance Web site.

Availability of Custom CARE service
Any Autodesk customer can use Custom CARE service.  Further, anyone working for an organization that owns Autodesk product licenses can call for Custom CARE support.  All you will need is a product serial number to start the call.  The Custom CARE program is available to customers in the Southwestern United States.  There is no limit to the number of times you can use the Custom CARE support service.

Payment options for Custom CARE service
You can pay for Custom CARE at the time of service using any of the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express.  You can also pre-purchase Custom CARE using a credit card, purchase order or check.  The following options are available: 


Average Cost per hour


Hourly (1 hr/min.) 



5 hour block



10 hour block



20 hour block



40 hour block



Call the Custom CARE program at 800-269-0409 for more information about pre-purchase options.

Relationship of Custom CARE support to your Reseller
Your authorized Autodesk reseller is still a valuable support resource for Autodesk products.  They can perform on-site visits to help you solve problems,

Scope of Custom CARE support 
The ECG Custom CARE support group answers questions about all technical aspects of Autodesk products.  These include product functionality and troubleshooting questions.
The Custom CARE service does not necessarily provide support for third party software, operating systems support, network software support or support for device drivers not supplied with Autodesk products.  The publishers and authorized resellers of these packages are the best source for support of these third-party products.

Contacting ECG for Custom CARE service
Call the Custom CARE support line for all products at 1-800-269-0409 between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Pacific Time, Monday-Friday.  This telephone number is valid in the U.S. and Canada.  Custom CARE support will not be available on the following holidays:
        New Year's Day
        Memorial Day
        Independence Day
        Labor Day
        Thanksgiving (and the following day)
        Christmas Day through New Year's Day

Product and versions supported by Custom CARE service
AutoCAD                                                  Release 12,13,14, AutoCAD 2000
AutoCAD Map®                                       All Releases
AutoCAD MapGuide®                             All Releases

AutoCAD®  Land Development              All Releases
Desktop                                                  S7.5-S8.x
AutoCAD Civil Design                             All Releases
AutoCAD Survey                                     All Releases
In addition:
CAD Overlay                                            S8.x, R14.x, 2000
Softdesk Overlay Classic                   
ESP, GSX and LFX                                 S7.2x-7.6
Softdesk Survey Complete                     1.X - 2.x
3D Studio VIZ                                          All Releases

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